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Swap your ship's colour between red and blue to avoid taking damage from the red and blue aliens and navigate your way through the twisting corridors of the space-station to find the escape hatch!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsPixelCod, k1ck_duck, UP952978, BayleyHill
Tags2D, Arcade, Metroidvania, PICO-8, Shoot 'Em Up


Switch Strike v1 974 kB


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This was an extremely well made game! I really liked the music in conjunction with the sound effects, really gave me that retro-arcade feel. I found the combat mechanics simple and intuitive to use which is always great with this style of game. 

One thing I will say, is sometimes I felt the enemies projectiles felt a bit forgiving. Sometimes they would fly past me and seem like they are clipping my ship but I wouldn't take any damage, other than this minor thing though it was a polished well put together game.

Great job guys! :)