A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small platformer demo created for Mini Jam 25: Spirits.


  • WASD / Arrow Keys - Move
  • W / Z / Space / UP - Jump
  • W / Z / Space / UP in mid-air - Double Jump
  • S / DOWN when stood on platform - Drop down platform

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Install instructions

.love instructions:

If you download the .love file make sure to run it with LOVE 11.2 to make sure everything works properly. The .love file should work on Windows, Mac or Linux if you have LOVE2D installed correctly.

.zip instructions:

The .zip file contains an .exe and all the necessary libraries to run the game on Windows 7+.


Spirit Esper v0.2.love 1 MB
Spirit Esper v0.2.zip 4 MB


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Its a small map, but I stayed a long time there.


cool, currently working on a post-jam version with more rooms to explore etc. :)

Will probably post the first post-jam version in a week or so

Pretty fun little platformer. Would be nice with a bigger map/levels. All in all a pretty nicely made platformer though!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I agree about the map size, was having to export the map from Tiled and then copy chunks of data manually to get it into the right format for my game which meant building levels took aaaaages. Would like to add more rooms in the future :)