The garden has become overrun by bamboo plants! Use your magical shuriken to destroy as many as you can in 30 seconds.

NOTE: Development on this game has been ceased so options won't be coming soon, sorry.


  • Z to use power-up
  • Arrow Keys to move
  • Enter to pause

Install instructions

You can download the game file below if you own a copy of PICO-8 and use the load command to run the game and view the source code.


Shuriken Toss v1.2 12 kB


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I cant download it. Its supposed to be a zip or exe file, but for me its png


That's fine! It's meant to be a .png file! I know, that's an image file but all of the information for the game is actually stored in the .png file.

You will need a copy of Pico8 to play the game and download the .png file into your carts folder. You can then use the 'load' command followed by the filename of the game file to load the game and then use 'run' to run the game.

Hope this helps somewhat but feel free to contact me if you're still unsure about something!

Sorry i'm really late. Ok, so I followed the instructions and am now able to run the game. However, I can't play the game itself. When I click start>Continue, nothing happens. If I press reset cart, Nothing happens for me to be able to play.

are you using the arrow keys and z to select an option?

Really cool game ;) i love your attention to details .