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Thank you for this :) I'm going to use it, I'll link you the result

Awesome! I'd love to see it!


You can find it on my ig, the latest post ^^ @sukinapan . thanks again!


I absolutely love what you did! I subscribed to your ig!

oh thank you MxHelianthe :) <3

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hmm, I tried opening the 7z and it tosses out some garbage files for some reason.

I'm not sure why that would happen so I don't think I'll be of much help. All I can suggest is that you try using different file compressor software to extract the contents of the file.

Real nice - I might try using both the vibrant and mellow palettes together, for a single 8 colour palette with the possibility of a background/gameplay saturation contrast.

Hey I never even thought of that! Please do I'd love to see the results :)

If I'm honest though I feel that these palettes need updating, I made them a long time ago and my knowledge of colours and values has increased tenfold.