A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for the Glinny's Cauldren Game Jam.


This game is released in a very unfinished state and therefore does not include much to do. The only inhabited areas are 'Stonestep Village' and 'Grimjaw Tower' with the latter having the one and only enemy type in the game. Due to time constraints (and the fact I pretty much wrote the game from scratch) I was only able to implement a couple of ingredients from Cahrsurraurher's recipe list, sorry I tried my best :(

 Play time to see and do everything in the game will be around 5 mins.


Any USB Gamepad connected should be automatically detected and work as expected.

  • Arrow Keys / WASD (D-Pad) = Move
  • Z / Spacebar (Bottom Face Button) = Jump / Back
  • X (Right Face Button) = Accept
  • F = Toggle Fullscreen
  • Escape = Quit Game


Code / Art by me

Music courtesy of Komiku (@monplaisirmusic)


Curse Quest v1 5 MB
Curse Quest Source (.love file) 2 MB


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(1 edit)

Quest is a word too used in many videogame titles, and the letters don't appear on a previous systems to Windows 10.

(1 edit)

It was meant to be a corny joke name ripping-off the Dragon Quest series so don't take it too seriously ;)

Otherwise I agree that there are a lot of 'Something Quest' games about nowadays.

(1 edit)

Yes, but the most important thing I wanted to tell you is that the letters don't appear on a previous systems to Windows 10 (my computer is Win 7, and I don't see the letters in the game).

Oh I see, I didn't realise you meant were having technical issues with the game. Can you be a bit more specific about what you mean by 'don't appear in the game' (there is no main menu or title screen in the game if that's what you are referring to).

I mean that in my computer, it doesn't appear the font of the letters in the game. ¿The letters aren't shown because my Win 7 doesn't run them, or do I need to download the necessary font?

No you shouldn't need to download the font I'm not sure why this would happen, sorry :/

All I can suggest is that you try re-downloading it and be sure to extract the .zip before running the game